Henry Street


  1. New Glasses
  2. Spending time doing this and that
  3. Cook
  4. Green Cap
  5. New Glasses (version)


  • Recorded, Mixed Brooklyn Heights, NY May 2012
  • Thanks to Ava Kaufman
  • Music and photo by Sun An
  • Released June 23, 2012


If you ever had a sense of emptiness and absence of something intangible after the end of Jeff Witscher’s Marble Sky project, Sun An comes to the rescue. Just like the cover, the music on the album offers an escape from the noise of the outside world (considering it was recorded right in the center of the capital mundi, the New York City, the word “escape” has a whole new meaning) into the microcosm of simple beauties, smooth-as-silk slow-paced melodies and meditative bliss. Absolutely stunning, yet so absolutely simple.
—Jakub Adamek, editor, June 25, 2012. Weird Temple