L.A. Sandwich


  1. One way home
  2. Another way home
  3. L.A. Sandwich
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  • Record August 2017
  • Edit September 2017 PRS, CA
  • Music by Sun An
  • Special thanks to family & friends
  • Released September 10, 2017


Sun An makes gently-arranged, blissful ambient music from their home in California. Drawn-out guitar tones layer beautifully over one another, and piano strokes linger forlornly. A cloud of echo surrounds each of the tracks that make up L.A. Sandwich, adding a warm atmosphere, but not oversaturating the delicate bends in sound. There’s a quiet rumble to Sun An’s music, a constant sense of movement that makes tracks at 12 and 16 minutes long feel like no time at all.–Aurora Mitchell, editor, November 29, 2017. Bandcamp "Best New Ambient November 2017"

Sitting at the lighthouse, watching flakes of light in the water & today yeah I will remember what happened to me, forever. Millions of waves, guitar chords in a room overlooking the backyard Near the back alley off Main Street in Point Reyes Station, CA. Vulnerability at not being in the center of the world anymore. Out, beyond, I am whole & complete here and Sun An’s World of ambience lulls me to incapacity. I just want to sit. No more Internet. No more reading.–Hydroyoga, editor, October 30, 2017. TinyMixTapes