Top of Mind


  1. Top of Mind
  2. Start at Vision Street
  3. White House Pool
  4. No Clocks, No Mirrors
  5. Pouring
  6. Sense of Location (Deck)


  • Recorded in PRS, CA June–July 2012
  • Edited in Brooklyn Heights, NY August 2012
  • Mastered in PRS, CA September 2012
  • Released September 10, 2012
  • Music by Sun An
  • Photograph by Ava Kaufman


New York ambientalist Sun An makes his second entrance on Weed Temple through his minimal & magnificent mini-album, fogging up the world in a haze consisting of all those small moments of calm or happiness collected from throughout the day, all pressed into a cozy blanket of warm, fuzzy drone. Ethereal, almost non-existent melodies add a touch of barely noticeable, fleeting beauty. All I want is calm.
—Jakub Adamek, Editor, September 12, 2012 Weed Temple