What's the Difference


  1. Lo and Behold
  2. Summer Plans
  3. Tangerine Fusion
  4. Princess Buttercup (section 1)
  5. Buttercup (section 2)
  6. Condensed Milk
  7. Daily Rainbow


  • Recorded Dec 2017, June–July 2018
  • Edited Sept 2018. Sun An, PRS CA
  • Cover photo by Ava Kaufman "Bonnie Brae Orange" 2006
  • Thanks to family, friends
  • 26 minutes
  • Released September 16, 2018


"I’ve also been a fan of Sun’s for a long time. I don’t have much of a vocabulary for music, but his albums put me in the kind of mood I always want to be in."
Charles Broskoski, co-founder of Are.na, via thecaret.co